Which drone should I buy?

The choice of the drone depends not only on the purpose for which you are buying it, but also on your experience and skill. We will be happy to help you with the choice of your new drone.

What permissions do I need?

You must have the permission of the owner of the property from which you are taking off and above which you will be flying. In case of flying in the A1 and A3 category, you have to be registered as a pilot and an operator in the Czech republic.

Does my drone have to be insured?

If you use drone that weights up to 20 kg for other than recreational/sport purpose or drone above 20 kg, you have to have a liability insurance in case of damage during the use of the unmanned aerial vehicle. In other cases the insurance is voluntary and recommended. We also recommend having an insurance in case of an accident of the drone, that will protect your investment into the purchase. We will be happy to arrange the insurance for you.

Can I fly wherever I want?

Certainly not. Without any permission, you can fly only above your property. If you want to fly above somebody else's property, you need to have his permission. In case you need to fly above areas where you usually cannot fly, you need to have a permission from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority. We will also be happy to arrange this for you.

Can I fly above people?

In case you operate a drone in the "open" category, you cannot fly above uninvolved persons.

Can I take videos with random people?

You cannot take videos where are unknown people, without their permission. It is necessary to take GDPR into account. You don't know anything about GDPR? Enroll into our GDPR course about personal data protection and copyright!